Chesapeake Energy Materiality Assessment


We supported the integration of ESG into the company’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function. Our work focused on the integration and assessment of ESG risks, including criteria selection and weighting, interview scripting, and was conducted with reference to COSO ESG integration guidance.

Dell Technologies GTM ESG Planning


We partnered with C&Z Marketing to develop an annual “Erase E-waste” campaign for Dell Technologies. We created the concept, design, and visual identity for a full-funnel marketing campaign for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Erase E-Waste Sweepstakes. This included developing the content and numerous materials to drive awareness and participation and help schools and universities properly recycle e-waste.

Shell Oil Employee Training


We developed training sessions, interactive workshops, and training packages on ESG topic areas on ESG integration. Our financial focus areas included stranded assets and emerging financial disclosure regulation.

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