Environmental, social and governance factors represent significant risks and opportunities in today’s world and can have profound impact on the performance of assets and portfolios from equity to fixed income.

Key Investor Services:

Metrics, assessment and integration of ESG into existing portfolios

Our team will help you to develop an ESG integration strategy that matches your investment goals. From ESG screens to ESG metrics in the pursuit of ‘green alpha’, we help investors to develop the strategy, tools and performance indicators to integrate ESG into investment decisions.


Shareholder activism and assessing sustainability performance of assets

Gathering ESG data from assets can be difficult, let alone understanding the best course of action to use that data to best influence the sustainability performance of assets. Our team has over a decade of experience working with corporate investor relations and sustainability teams as well as corporate sustainability reporting, rankings and data analytic firms. We utilize this experience to help investors make sense of reported data, identify and fill critical gaps that represent material risks or opportunities to the asset. We also help investors to work actively with assets to improve both ESG and financial performance.


Private Equity ESG Assessments

Private Equity firms face a particular challenge when looking for material ESG risks and opportunities of potential investments. Information is scarce and target companies frequently do not understand or recognize material ESG factors. Our team helps private equity firms to assess ESG factors of potential targets and works with new acquisitions to rapidly ‘ramp up’ sustainability performance to protect and enhance growth.