Opinion: ‘The Future of Investing is Sustainable’ by Cary Krosinsky

READ ‘The Future of Investing is Sustainable’ by Cary Krosinsky.


It is a rare moment that one realizes that they are at a turning point in history. The technological onslaught of modern life coupled with the intensifying pressure to make a living and be most productive consume most working people on a global and day-to-day basis, as well as many eager students, while systemic shifts creep by completely unnoticed. Between this all-consuming short term and the omnipresent long term, who has the bandwidth and perspective to determine turning points in history until they’ve already happened?  Yet we find ourselves today at such a seminal shift in the history of business. Are investment practices ready for these seminal shifts already taking place? If not, what needs to change, and can investing enable the necessary transitions already underway at scale and how?


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