Book: ‘Sustainable Investing: Revolutions in theory and practice’ Edited by Cary Krosinsky and Sophie Purdom

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Book description:

A seminal shift has taken place in the world of investing. A clear and overarching reality has emerged which must be solved: financial considerations must factor in sustainability considerations for ongoing societal success, while sustainability issues equally need to be driven by a business case. As a result, investment practices are evolving, especially towards more positive philosophies and frameworks. Sustainable Investing brings the reader up to speed on trends playing out in each region and asset class, drawing on contributions from leading practitioners across the globe. Implications abound for financial professionals and other interested investors, as well as corporations seeking to understand future investment trends that will affect their shareholders’ thinking. Policymakers and other stakeholders also need to be aware of what is happening in order to understand how they can be most effective at helping implement and enable the changes arguably now required for economic and financial success. Sustainable Investing represents an essential overview of sustainable investment practices that will be a valuable resource for students and scholars of sustainable banking and finance, as well as professionals and policymakers with an interest in this fast-moving field.


Book content:

Introduction: The Future of Investing is Sustainable Cary Krosinsky and Sophie Purdom


1. The 7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing Cary Krosinsky

2. From farfetched theory to best practice: Sustainable Investing at Brown University Sophie Purdom

3. Impact Investing Thomas Walker, Stéfanie D. Kibsey and Stephanie Lee

4. How Paris Became the Capital of Climate Finance Nick Robins

5. The Value of Everything Cary Krosinsky – adapted Chamberlain

Systems & Systemic Solutions

6. Thinking in Systems Cary Krosinsky

7. On Reducing Emissions & Developing a Climate Change Strategy Cary Krosinsky/PRI – adapted Chamberlain

8. Why Divestment is the outcome of a thoughtful investment process Cary Krosinsky

9. The data challenges which remain Dan Esty and Todd Cort

10. Scaling the Sustainable Trillion: “Top Down” Investment Strategies Cary Krosinsky

+ “Bottom Up” Strategy Examples a) Terra Alpha, b) BlueSky (Sturmak), c) Mirova

The Next Frontier

11. The Main Segments of Global Commerce and what’s needed Cary Krosinsky

a) Financing the Renewable Revolution Winston & Jules Kortenhorst b) The Driverless Car Mimi Reichenbach, c) Industrial Ecology Lillian Childress d) Real Estate Christopher Wright, e) Infrastructure Helene Winch, f) Fixed Income Ali Edelstein, g) Climate Smart Landscapes Gabriel Thoumi, Brian McFarland and Winnie Lau

12. Regional Differences: Difficult Risks, Big Opportunities Cary Krosinsky

a) Climate Finance and Greening China’s Finance Gabriel Thoumi and John Waugh b) India’s Energy Future Emily Rutland c) Sustainable State-Owned Enterprises Morgan Smiley d) Japan & Governance Jason Mitchell

13. Fiduciary Duty Rory Sullivan, Will Martindale and Elodie Feller

14. The Risk Management Opportunity Cary Krosinsky

15. Shareholder Engagement & Active Ownership in the Age of Transparency Cary Krosinsky

Emerging New Paradigms Cary Krosinsky

16. Value Drivers David Lubin

17. New Business Models: Conscious Capitalism & Conscious Investing Jeff Cherry

18. Sharia & Shared Ownership Mujtaba Wani

19. Gender Diversity Ella Warshauer

20. a) The Future of Innovation Cary Krosinsky and Will Martindale b) Industry-Led change: the Principles for Responsible Investment Sagarika Chatterjee

Conclusion – Climate & Impact Cary Krosinsky and Sophie Purdom

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